“100 (and counting) Laravel Quick Tips” is a comprehensive guide to Laravel, the popular PHP web application framework. This book provides practical tips and tricks to help developers make the most out of Laravel, and boost their productivity.

1- Overview: This section provides an introduction to Laravel and its features, including its elegant syntax, powerful tools, and its growing community.

2- Tips for Getting Started: This section covers essential tips for getting started with Laravel, including how to set up a development environment, how to create a new project, and how to install packages.

3- Tips for Writing Clean Code: This section provides tips for writing clean and maintainable code, including how to structure your code, how to use design patterns, and how to write reusable functions.

4- Tips for Debugging and Troubleshooting: This section provides tips for debugging and troubleshooting Laravel applications, including how to use the built-in tools and how to find and fix common errors.

5- Tips for Optimizing Performance: This section covers tips for optimizing the performance of Laravel applications, including how to use caching, how to optimize database queries, and how to use tools like Redis and Memcached.

6- Tips for Building Better Applications: This section provides tips for building better Laravel applications, including how to use Laravel’s built-in features, such as routing, middleware, and views, and how to use third-party packages to enhance your applications.

7- Conclusion: This section summarizes the key points covered in the book, and provides recommendations for developers looking to improve their Laravel skills.

“100 (and counting) Laravel Quick Tips” is an essential resource for Laravel developers of all levels, from beginners to experts. Whether you are just starting out with Laravel or are looking to take your skills to the next level, this book provides the knowledge and guidance you need to get the most out of Laravel.

Povilas Korop / LaravelDaily Team (PDF)