Active Calculus is a comprehensive textbook that offers a new approach to learning calculus. The book emphasizes the active engagement of students in the learning process, encouraging them to become more involved and invested in their studies. The authors, Dr. Matt Boelkins, Dr. David Austin, and Dr. Steven Schlicker, have created a textbook that is not only informative and educational but also fun and engaging.

Active Calculus is designed to be used as the primary text in a one-semester calculus course. The book is divided into sections that correspond to the traditional topics of calculus: limits, derivatives, integrals, and applications. However, the authors have taken a unique approach to these topics, presenting them in a way that is more accessible and engaging to students.

One of the key features of Active Calculus is the emphasis on active learning. The book contains numerous examples, exercises, and problems that encourage students to think critically and apply their knowledge. The authors have also included interactive elements, such as online simulations and applets, that allow students to explore calculus concepts in a more interactive and engaging way.

Another notable feature of Active Calculus is the use of real-world applications. The authors have included a wide range of examples and problems that demonstrate the practical applications of calculus in fields such as engineering, physics, and economics. This not only makes the material more relevant and interesting to students but also helps them to see the value of what they are learning.

In addition to its innovative approach to teaching calculus, Active Calculus also offers a wealth of resources for instructors. The book includes a detailed instructor’s manual, complete with lecture notes, sample exams, and solutions to all of the problems in the book. The authors have also created a companion website that provides additional resources, including interactive applets, video lectures, and online quizzes.

Overall, Active Calculus is an excellent resource for students and instructors alike. Its innovative approach to teaching calculus makes it a valuable addition to any calculus course, while its emphasis on active learning and real-world applications makes it engaging and relevant to students. Whether you are a student looking to learn calculus or an instructor looking for a new and innovative way to teach it, Active Calculus is definitely worth checking out.