ASP.NET Core Documentation – Microsoft Docs is an extensive guide to the latest version of Microsoft’s popular web development framework, ASP.NET Core. This comprehensive documentation covers everything from the basics of building web applications with ASP.NET Core to more advanced topics like authentication, security, and performance optimization.

ASP.NET Core is an open-source framework for building modern web applications that can run on any operating system. It’s a highly modular framework that allows developers to choose the components they need to build their application, making it highly customizable and flexible. This documentation provides a detailed overview of the various components of ASP.NET Core, including MVC, Razor Pages, SignalR, and Web API.

One of the highlights of the ASP.NET Core documentation is the emphasis on best practices and coding standards. The documentation provides detailed guidance on topics like code organization, exception handling, and error logging, ensuring that developers can build robust and maintainable applications with ASP.NET Core.

In addition to the core features of ASP.NET Core, the documentation also covers a wide range of advanced topics. These include topics like database connectivity, caching, and performance optimization. The documentation provides guidance on using popular data access technologies like Entity Framework Core and Dapper, as well as techniques for improving application performance and scalability.

Another key feature of the ASP.NET Core documentation is the extensive collection of sample code and tutorials. These resources make it easy for developers to get started with ASP.NET Core and quickly build their first application. The documentation also provides guidance on deploying and hosting ASP.NET Core applications, including options for hosting on-premises or in the cloud.

Whether you’re a seasoned web developer or just getting started with ASP.NET Core, the ASP.NET Core Documentation – Microsoft Docs is an essential resource for building modern, scalable web applications. With its comprehensive coverage of the framework’s core features and advanced topics, this documentation is the perfect companion for anyone looking to build high-quality web applications with ASP.NET Core.