Book of Proof is a valuable resource for anyone looking to learn about mathematical proof techniques. Written by Richard Hammack, the book provides a comprehensive overview of proof writing and the mathematical concepts that underlie it.

The book is divided into three main sections. The first section, “Logic and Proof,” covers the basics of mathematical reasoning and the different types of mathematical statements. This section introduces readers to the language of mathematical proof and the various tools and techniques that are used to construct and validate mathematical arguments.

The second section, “Sets, Functions, and Relations,” delves into the mathematical structures that underlie much of modern mathematics. This section covers topics such as set theory, functions, and relations, and explores how these mathematical concepts can be used to construct and analyze mathematical proofs.

Finally, the third section, “Counting and Probability,” looks at two important areas of mathematics that rely heavily on proof techniques. This section covers topics such as combinatorics and probability theory, and shows how these areas of mathematics can be used to construct rigorous mathematical arguments.

Throughout the book, Hammack uses clear and concise language to explain mathematical concepts and techniques. The book is filled with helpful examples and exercises that help readers develop their proof writing skills, and each chapter concludes with a set of review questions that test readers’ understanding of the material.

Whether you’re a student just beginning to study mathematics or an experienced mathematician looking to refine your proof writing skills, Book of Proof is an excellent resource. Hammack’s clear and engaging writing style, combined with the book’s comprehensive coverage of proof techniques and mathematical concepts, make it a must-read for anyone interested in mathematics and the art of proof.