Build a Full-Stack Web Application Using Angular & Firebase is a comprehensive guide for developers who want to create robust and scalable web applications using two powerful technologies: Angular and Firebase.

The book is written by experienced web developers who have used both Angular and Firebase extensively in their projects. They bring their expertise and practical knowledge to the table to help you build a full-stack web application that is easy to maintain, secure, and scalable.

The book starts with an introduction to Angular, one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks used for building modern web applications. You will learn the basics of Angular, including its architecture, components, modules, directives, and services. The book also covers advanced topics such as reactive programming with RxJS, routing, forms, and authentication.

Once you have a solid understanding of Angular, the book moves on to Firebase, a cloud-based platform that provides a wide range of tools and services for building scalable web applications. You will learn how to use Firebase to store and manage data, authenticate users, host your application, and deploy it to production.

The book then walks you through the process of building a full-stack web application from scratch. You will start by setting up your development environment and creating a new Angular project. You will then integrate Firebase into your project and learn how to use its various services to build a robust back-end for your application.

The book also covers front-end development using Angular, including creating components, templates, and stylesheets. You will learn how to use Angular’s built-in features to create responsive and dynamic user interfaces.

In addition to the technical aspects of building a full-stack web application, the book also covers best practices for software development, including testing, debugging, and version control. You will learn how to write clean and maintainable code that is easy to modify and scale.

Overall, Build a Full-Stack Web Application Using Angular & Firebase is an excellent resource for developers who want to build modern web applications using cutting-edge technologies. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced developer, this book will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to build scalable and robust web applications that meet the needs of your users.