CodeIgniter 4 User Guide is a comprehensive guide that aims to teach readers how to develop web applications using CodeIgniter, the popular PHP framework. The book covers all the major features and functionalities of CodeIgniter 4, including its updated directory structure, new namespace conventions, and modern coding standards.

The book begins by introducing readers to the CodeIgniter 4 framework, its installation process, and the development environment setup. It then proceeds to explain how to use the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectural pattern to develop web applications with CodeIgniter 4. The book covers various topics such as database integration, routing, controllers, views, and more.

The CodeIgniter 4 User Guide takes a hands-on approach to teaching readers by providing practical examples and exercises that will help them learn by doing. Readers will learn how to build a complete web application from scratch, starting with designing the database schema, creating the necessary models, controllers, and views, and then deploying the application on a web server.

One of the major benefits of using CodeIgniter 4 is that it provides a fast and efficient way of building web applications. This is achieved through its lightweight nature and optimized performance. The book emphasizes this by providing readers with tips and tricks on how to optimize their applications for speed and efficiency.

The CodeIgniter 4 User Guide also covers advanced topics such as RESTful APIs, authentication, and security. These topics are essential for building robust and secure web applications that can handle a large number of users and traffic.

In summary, the CodeIgniter 4 User Guide is an excellent resource for developers who want to learn how to build web applications using the CodeIgniter 4 framework. It provides a comprehensive and practical guide to using the framework and covers all the major features and functionalities that developers need to know. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced developer, this book will help you master the art of web application development with CodeIgniter 4.