CSS Animation 101 is a comprehensive guide that teaches the fundamentals of creating stunning animations using CSS. The book is designed for both beginners and intermediate developers who want to take their web development skills to the next level by incorporating dynamic and engaging animations into their projects.

The book begins by introducing the basics of CSS animations and transitions, covering everything from setting up animations to creating keyframes and using easing functions. The author uses easy-to-follow examples to demonstrate each concept, making it simple for readers to understand and apply the principles to their own projects.

Throughout the book, readers will learn about the different types of CSS animations, including hover effects, scroll animations, and 3D animations. The author explores the various properties and values that can be used to create these effects, as well as tips and tricks for optimizing performance and creating smooth animations across different devices.

In addition to covering the technical aspects of CSS animation, the book also delves into the creative side of animation design. Readers will learn how to use animation to enhance user experience and create engaging visual effects, including parallax scrolling, loading animations, and animated icons.

CSS Animation 101 is packed with practical examples and code snippets that readers can use to experiment with different animation techniques and incorporate them into their own projects. The book also includes exercises and quizzes to test readers’ knowledge and reinforce the concepts learned throughout the chapters.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced web developer, CSS Animation 101 is an essential resource for anyone who wants to create dynamic and engaging web experiences using CSS animations. With its clear and concise writing style, practical examples, and comprehensive coverage of animation principles and techniques, this book is sure to become a go-to reference for anyone interested in this exciting field.