“DevOps For Dummies 3rd IBM Limited Edition” is a comprehensive guidebook that provides an introduction to the world of DevOps. This third edition has been updated by IBM to provide the latest and greatest insights into the rapidly evolving DevOps landscape.

DevOps is a set of practices and cultural values that promote collaboration and communication between development and operations teams. This approach aims to improve the speed and quality of software development and delivery by breaking down silos and fostering a shared sense of ownership.

The book starts by explaining the key concepts of DevOps and how it differs from traditional development and operations methodologies. It also covers the benefits of adopting a DevOps approach, including improved time-to-market, increased efficiency, and better quality software.

The book then delves into the core principles of DevOps, including continuous integration and continuous delivery, automation, and monitoring. These principles are essential for any DevOps transformation and are covered in detail, along with practical examples and case studies.

One of the highlights of this book is the focus on the cultural aspects of DevOps. The authors emphasize the importance of creating a collaborative and inclusive culture that fosters innovation and continuous improvement. They also provide guidance on how to overcome common challenges and pitfalls that organizations may face during a DevOps transformation.

The book concludes with a discussion of the tools and technologies that are commonly used in DevOps. It covers a wide range of tools, from version control systems and build servers to containerization and cloud platforms.

Overall, “DevOps For Dummies 3rd IBM Limited Edition” is an excellent resource for anyone looking to learn about DevOps. Whether you’re a developer, operations professional, or just interested in learning about this exciting new approach to software development, this book has something to offer. With its clear explanations, practical examples, and comprehensive coverage of the latest DevOps trends and best practices, it’s a must-read for anyone interested in this rapidly evolving field.