“Enterprise Pharo: A Web Perspective” is a comprehensive guide to building web applications using the Pharo programming language.

Pharo is a modern, dynamic programming language with a powerful set of features, including a live development environment, a flexible object model, and a rich set of libraries. “Enterprise Pharo: A Web Perspective” focuses on using Pharo to build robust and scalable web applications for enterprise environments.

The book covers a wide range of topics, including web application architecture, database integration, and security. The authors begin with an introduction to Pharo and its unique features, such as its live coding environment and interactive debugging tools. They then delve into the details of building web applications, covering topics such as RESTful web services, MVC architecture, and client-side JavaScript frameworks.

The book also covers database integration, including using Pharo with popular relational databases such as MySQL and PostgreSQL. The authors provide practical guidance on how to design and implement database schemas, and how to integrate them into a Pharo application.

In addition to application development, “Enterprise Pharo: A Web Perspective” covers important topics related to enterprise web application deployment and maintenance, such as performance tuning, monitoring, and scaling. The authors provide detailed guidance on how to deploy a Pharo application to a production environment, and how to optimize its performance for maximum scalability.

Finally, the book covers security, an essential topic for any enterprise web application. The authors provide an overview of common web application security threats, such as cross-site scripting and SQL injection, and provide practical guidance on how to secure a Pharo application against these threats.

Overall, “Enterprise Pharo: A Web Perspective” is an essential resource for anyone looking to build web applications using the Pharo programming language. The book provides a comprehensive overview of web application development using Pharo, covering topics from basic application architecture to advanced topics such as security and scalability. With its practical guidance and real-world examples, this book is an essential reference for any Pharo developer looking to build enterprise-grade web applications.