Essential C++ is a comprehensive guide to the C++ programming language, designed for both beginners and experienced programmers. The book covers all the essential topics in C++, including data types, control structures, functions, classes, and object-oriented programming.

The author, Stanley B. Lippman, is a renowned expert in C++ programming and has over 35 years of experience in software development. He uses his expertise to provide a clear and concise explanation of each concept, making it easy for readers to understand and apply.

The book begins with an introduction to C++ and its history, followed by an overview of the basic syntax and structure of the language. The author then delves into the details of data types, including integers, floating-point numbers, characters, and strings, and how to manipulate them using operators and functions.

Control structures such as if statements, loops, and switch statements are covered next, along with their usage in decision-making and repetition tasks. The author then introduces the concept of functions and how they can be used to encapsulate and reuse code.

Object-oriented programming is the highlight of the book, with a detailed explanation of classes, objects, inheritance, polymorphism, and encapsulation. The author provides numerous examples and exercises to illustrate each concept and help readers apply them in real-world scenarios.

The book also covers advanced topics in C++ programming, such as templates, exceptions, and file handling. The author explains these topics in a simple and straightforward manner, making it easy for readers to grasp the concepts and implement them in their projects.

Overall, Essential C++ is an excellent resource for anyone interested in learning or mastering the C++ programming language. The book’s clear and concise style, combined with the author’s expertise, makes it a valuable addition to any programmer’s library.