Julian Hofer

GTK rust book

GTK 4 is the latest version of GTK, a popular cross-platform widget toolkit written in C. It can be easily used with various programming languages thanks to GObject-Introspection. Rust is a good choice for developing GTK apps because it allows for managing ownership without sacrificing speed and provides features such as thread safety, memory safety, and dependency management. Additionally, the gtk-rs project provides bindings for many GTK-related libraries.

This book is intended to be read in sequence from front to back, but it can also be used as a reference for specific topics. The book is divided into two types of chapters: concept chapters, which cover various aspects of GTK development, and project chapters, where small programs are built to apply the concepts learned. The book aims to explain essential GTK concepts with practical examples, but in some cases, less practical examples may be used to better convey a concept. All valid code snippets in the book can be found in the gtk4-rs repository.

This GTK rust book is online Ebook https://gtk-rs.org/gtk4-rs/stable/latest/book/