How to Become an Exceptional DBA Second edition by Brad McGehee is a comprehensive guide to help individuals achieve excellence in their role as a Database Administrator (DBA). This second edition of the book has been updated with new information and techniques to help DBAs excel in their field.

Database Administrators play a crucial role in any organization that relies on data storage and management. They are responsible for ensuring that databases are organized, secure, and running efficiently. The role of a DBA can be challenging, as it requires a unique set of skills and knowledge. This is where How to Become an Exceptional DBA comes in.

The book is written by Brad McGehee, a well-known expert in the field of database administration. McGehee draws on his years of experience to provide practical advice and guidance on how to become an exceptional DBA. The book is suitable for both novice and experienced DBAs, as it covers a wide range of topics that are relevant to the role.

The book is divided into three parts. The first part provides an overview of the role of a DBA and the skills and knowledge required to excel in the field. This section also covers the different types of DBAs and the tools and technologies that they use.

The second part of the book covers the day-to-day tasks of a DBA. This includes topics such as database design, performance tuning, backup and recovery, and security. McGehee provides practical advice on how to handle common issues that DBAs face, and shares best practices for each topic.

The final part of the book focuses on professional development. McGehee provides guidance on how to improve communication skills, build relationships with stakeholders, and advance your career as a DBA. This section also covers how to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in the field.

Overall, How to Become an Exceptional DBA Second edition is a must-read for anyone looking to excel in their role as a DBA. McGehee’s practical advice and guidance will help you to develop the skills and knowledge required to become an exceptional DBA. The book is easy to read and is full of real-world examples that make the content engaging and relevant.