How To Code in Node.js – eBook is a comprehensive guide that provides readers with a detailed understanding of Node.js and how to use it to develop web applications. This eBook is written by David Landup and Marcus Sanatan, both experienced developers in the field of Node.js.

The book is designed to cater to beginners as well as seasoned developers who want to enhance their skills in Node.js. The authors start by introducing the basics of Node.js and how it differs from other programming languages. They then move on to explain the fundamental concepts of Node.js, such as modules, packages, and event-driven programming.

One of the key features of this eBook is the way it breaks down complex topics into simple, easy-to-understand language. The authors use real-world examples to illustrate each concept and provide step-by-step instructions on how to code in Node.js. This approach ensures that readers can apply what they learn in a practical setting.

The eBook covers various topics, such as building web applications with Express.js, working with databases, and integrating APIs. The authors also delve into more advanced concepts, such as using web sockets and deploying applications to the cloud. Each chapter builds on the previous one, giving readers a comprehensive understanding of Node.js and how to use it to develop web applications.

One of the unique features of this eBook is the inclusion of code snippets and examples throughout the text. This allows readers to see how the code works in practice and provides a better understanding of how to apply the concepts they learn. The authors also provide exercises at the end of each chapter to reinforce what readers have learned.

Overall, How To Code in Node.js – eBook is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to learn Node.js. The book is well-structured, easy to read, and provides practical examples that are relevant to real-world applications. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced developer, this eBook is an essential guide to help you master Node.js and build powerful web applications.