The Evolution of Microservices

Looking to build highly scalable and resilient microservices-based systems for advanced Android development? Look no further than this comprehensive report by Jonas Bonér, CTO of Lightbend and author of Reactive Microservices Architecture. With this report, you’ll learn essential strategies and techniques to create highly efficient, performant, and stable microservices-based systems. Discover why traditional architectures with single SQL databases and thread-per-request models simply cannot compete with microservices when it comes to achieving millisecond response times and close to 100% uptime. This report will guide you through the process of refactoring monolithic applications into scalable and resilient microservices, helping you manage the hard part of microservice design, shift focus from domain objects to events, apply reactive programming techniques, and more. Get ready to move beyond CRUD towards Event Sourcing/CQRS and leverage fast data in microservices to manage real-time data at scale.