“The Embedded Rust book” is a comprehensive guide to using the Rust programming language to develop firmware for bare metal (microcontroller) devices. It assumes some experience with embedded development and the Rust language, but not necessarily with microcontrollers. This book will walk readers through the process of writing, building, flashing and debugging embedded programs on a variety of platforms.

The book starts off by discussing the basics of embedded programming and introducing readers to the fundamentals of the Rust language. It then goes into detail on how to use Rust for microcontroller development, such as setting up a toolchain and building and debugging programs.

In addition, the book covers more advanced topics such as memory management, programming with interrupts and hard real-time systems. It also covers how to set up and use third-party libraries with embedded Rust projects.

Finally, It includes a number of examples which demonstrate various features of embedded Rust development, including an example for using OpenOCD for debugging on an ARM Cortex-M4 processor in a QFP-20 package. There is also a section dedicated to developing firmware for Espressif boards using Rust.

Overall, The Embedded Rust Book provides a fantastic introduction to Rust for embedded systems programming. It is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in getting started with embedded development using Rust!


In this guide, we explored the Embedded Rust Book and the various features and resources it offers. We discussed the basics of Rust programming and how it can be used to develop firmware for embedded systems, such as microcontrollers. We also looked at the various tools available to help with developing Rust programs on embedded systems, such as the Registers and SysTick peripherals. Finally, we discussed Rust’s memory safety features and how they make it easier to develop safe applications.

By using this guide and the resources available in it, you can start exploring embedded development with Rust! With its strong memory safety guarantees and powerful development tools, Rust is an ideal language for developing embedded systems. Give it a try today!