The Java EE7 Tutorial by Eric Jendrock, et al. is an indispensable resource for developers and programmers looking to master the intricacies of Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) 7. This comprehensive guide takes you through the core concepts, techniques, and best practices of building robust and scalable enterprise applications using the Java EE platform.

With an emphasis on practical examples and hands-on exercises, this tutorial equips both beginners and experienced Java developers with the knowledge they need to effectively leverage the power of Java EE7. The book covers a wide range of topics, including servlets, JavaServer Pages (JSP), JavaServer Faces (JSF), Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB), Java Message Service (JMS), and more. Each topic is presented in a clear and concise manner, making it easy to follow along and apply the concepts in real-world scenarios.

Throughout the book, the authors provide step-by-step instructions, code snippets, and illustrations to illustrate key concepts and reinforce learning. By following the examples and exercises, readers gain a solid understanding of the Java EE architecture, component model, and programming model. They also learn how to use important Java EE technologies, such as the Java Persistence API (JPA) for database access and the Java API for WebSocket for building real-time web applications.

One of the notable aspects of this tutorial is its practical approach to teaching. The authors not only explain the theoretical concepts but also demonstrate how to apply them in practice. The book includes numerous hands-on exercises and case studies that allow readers to build their own Java EE applications from scratch. These exercises provide valuable opportunities to reinforce the learned concepts and gain hands-on experience.

To further enhance the learning experience, the authors have provided an online version of the tutorial, accessible at This resource serves as a valuable reference for readers to access the book’s content at their convenience.

Whether you are a seasoned Java developer or a newcomer to enterprise application development, The Java EE7 Tutorial is an essential guide that equips you with the knowledge and skills to build robust and scalable Java EE applications. With its comprehensive coverage, practical examples, and online resources, this tutorial is an invaluable companion on your journey to mastering Java EE7.

(Note: The link to the online version of the tutorial can be found here.)