What’s New in Java 8 by Adam L. Davis takes readers on an insightful journey through the latest advancements in the world of Java programming. In this comprehensive guide, Davis dives deep into the exciting features and enhancements introduced in Java 8, allowing both beginners and experienced developers to stay at the forefront of this powerful programming language.

With a clear and concise writing style, Davis elucidates the core concepts and demonstrates how to leverage the cutting-edge functionalities of Java 8. From lambdas and functional interfaces to streams and the new date/time API, this book covers it all. Whether you’re an application developer, a software engineer, or simply an avid Java enthusiast, this book provides the essential knowledge needed to make the most of Java 8’s groundbreaking features.

Throughout the pages of What’s New in Java 8, readers will find numerous practical examples and real-world scenarios that illustrate how to effectively apply these new features in their own projects. Davis’s expertise shines as he explores the benefits of functional programming, showcasing how lambdas and functional interfaces can greatly enhance code readability and maintainability.

Moreover, this book delves into the power of streams, enabling developers to process large amounts of data efficiently and effectively. Davis elucidates how to perform filtering, mapping, and reducing operations using streams, offering insights into parallel execution for increased performance.

Additionally, What’s New in Java 8 provides comprehensive coverage of the new date/time API, addressing the limitations of the older java.util.Date and java.util.Calendar classes. Davis demonstrates how the new API simplifies date and time manipulation, facilitating tasks such as parsing, formatting, and calculating intervals.

By the end of this enlightening journey, readers will have gained a solid understanding of the significant enhancements introduced in Java 8 and how to incorporate them into their own Java projects. What’s New in Java 8 is a must-have resource for anyone looking to stay up-to-date with the latest features and unlock the full potential of Java programming.

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