“Why’s (Poignant) Guide to Ruby” is a whimsical and fun introduction to the Ruby programming language. Written by the artist and programmer, Why the Lucky Stiff, the book takes a unique approach to teaching programming by blending humor, storytelling, and creative illustrations.

The book is divided into seven chapters, each focusing on a different aspect of Ruby. The first chapter introduces the language and its syntax, while the second chapter explores Ruby’s object-oriented programming features. The third chapter covers the basics of control flow, and the fourth chapter dives into data structures and algorithms. The fifth chapter covers input and output, and the sixth chapter delves into advanced topics such as concurrency and metaprogramming. Finally, the seventh chapter presents a sample project that ties together the concepts learned throughout the book.

One of the defining features of “Why’s (Poignant) Guide to Ruby” is its creative and entertaining presentation. The book includes colorful illustrations and witty writing that makes learning programming fun and engaging. The author also includes interactive exercises and challenges throughout the book that encourage the reader to apply what they have learned.

In addition to its unique approach, the book also provides a solid foundation in the Ruby language. The author explains the language concepts clearly and concisely, using examples and code snippets to illustrate the ideas. The book is suitable for beginners and intermediate programmers alike, and the author assumes no prior knowledge of programming.

Overall, “Why’s (Poignant) Guide to Ruby” is an excellent resource for anyone looking to learn Ruby in a fun and engaging way. Its unique approach to teaching programming makes it stand out from other programming books, and its solid coverage of the language makes it a valuable resource for anyone looking to learn Ruby. If you’re looking to learn Ruby and want to have fun while doing it, this book is definitely worth checking out.