Course Description

Welcome to the 100 Days of Swift! This amazing collection of videos, tutorials, tests and more, has been curated by Hacking with Swift and is perfect for anyone wanting to learn the basics of Swift.

By following the challenge and dedicating 4 hours a day to watching videos and 2 hours playing around with what was learned, anyone can become a master of Swift in just 100 days. The challenge is designed to get people writing code early and often, allowing them to get the most out of the language.

Once the challenge has been completed, Hacking with Swift have created video tutorials based on their journey. These tutorials are perfect for anyone wanting to deepen their understanding of the language and get started creating amazing apps.

The 100 Days of SwiftUI also forms part of this collection and brings together videos, tutorials and more specifically tailored around creating user interfaces in Swift. Everyone can now become an expert in creating beautiful apps with ease.

So don't wait any longer - dive into the world of Swift with these incredible resources from Hacking with Swift today!

Are you looking to learn how to code in Swift? The 100 Days of Swift challenge is the perfect way to get started with the language. In this challenge, you'll take on 100 days of coding tasks with guidance from experienced instructors and tutorials. You'll spend 4 hours a day following along with videos and 2 hours playing around with what you learned. After completing this challenge, you'll have a comprehensive understanding of the language and be able to build your own apps. Plus, there are video tutorials available so you can review your progress as needed. To make sure you stay motivated throughout the challenge, there are also several alternatives such as Code-Free Startup, 100 in 100 Challenge, Olokuta, and more. So what are you waiting for? Try the 100 Days of Swift challenge today and get coding!

Author: Hacking With Swift