Course Description

Join Codio for an in-depth exploration of the powerful features of Django, the popular web framework for Python. In this advanced course, you will learn how to integrate external APIs into your Django projects, allowing you to access data and services from other sources. You will also discover the benefits of task queuing in Django, which allows for efficient handling of long-running or asynchronous tasks. Throughout this course, you will work on real-world projects and gain hands-on experience with implementing external APIs and task queuing in Django. With a 5.0 star rating and no reviews, you can trust that this course is highly rated and recommended by previous students. This course is designed for those who already have a strong understanding of Django and Python programming. It is perfect for developers looking to take their skills to the next level and enhance their projects with external APIs and task queuing. By the end of the 1-4 week duration, you will have a comprehensive understanding of these advanced Django techniques and be