Course Description

Advanced NLP using spaCy is a course designed for individuals who have some experience with natural language processing (NLP) and are looking to advance their skills in the field. This course focuses on using spaCy, a popular open-source library for NLP, to perform advanced NLP tasks and build powerful language models. The course begins with an overview of spaCy and its capabilities, including its pre-trained models, pipeline architecture, and API. Participants will learn how to install and set up spaCy and explore its various features and functionalities. The course then delves into advanced NLP tasks that can be performed using spaCy, including named entity recognition (NER), sentiment analysis, and text classification. Participants will learn how to train custom models for these tasks using spaCy's machine learning capabilities and evaluate the performance of these models. Participants will also learn how to use spaCy to extract meaningful insights from text data, such as key phrases, topics, and relationships between entities. The course covers advanced techniques for text mining and data analysis, including word embeddings, topic modeling, and graph-based analysis. The course also covers best practices for working with large datasets and scaling NLP workflows using distributed computing and cloud computing technologies. Participants will learn how to use spaCy with popular tools and platforms such as Apache Spark and Amazon Web Services (AWS). By the end of the course, participants will have the skills and knowledge to build advanced NLP models using spaCy and apply them to real-world problems in various domains, such as healthcare, finance, and social media analysis. Participants will also receive a certificate of completion, demonstrating their proficiency in advanced NLP using spaCy. Overall, This course is a comprehensive course that provides hands-on experience with advanced NLP techniques and tools. Whether you are a data scientist, software engineer, or NLP enthusiast, this course is a valuable resource for advancing your skills in the field. Author: Ines Montani