Course Description

In today's fast-paced and ever-changing world of technology, the ability to effectively plan and manage software products is crucial for success. The Agile Planning for Software Products course, offered by the prestigious University of Alberta, is designed to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in this field. With a 4.8-star rating and over 2,000 reviews, this course has been highly acclaimed by students and industry professionals alike. It covers a wide range of topics, including Agile software development, design and product, entrepreneurship, product management, project management, software engineering, strategy and operations, leadership and management, planning, and supply chain and logistics. The course is suitable for individuals at all levels, from beginners to experienced professionals, as it offers a mixed level of difficulty. Whether you are just starting out in the software industry or looking to enhance your skills, this course has something to offer for everyone. Over the duration of 1-4 weeks, students will learn the principles and