Course Description

Are you interested in learning about artificial intelligence but don't have a background in data science? Look no further than the AI Fundamentals for Non-Data Scientists course by the prestigious University of Pennsylvania. This course is designed to introduce individuals from a variety of backgrounds to the fundamentals of AI, including machine learning, machine learning algorithms, artificial neural networks, data analysis, deep learning, human learning, and big data. With a rating of 4.8 stars and over 387 reviews, this course has proven to be a valuable resource for anyone looking to gain a foundational understanding of AI. Whether you're a business professional, marketer, or simply curious about the world of AI, this course will provide you with the necessary skills to navigate this rapidly growing field. The course is geared towards a mixed level audience, meaning that no prior knowledge of AI or data science is required. In just 1-4 weeks, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the key concepts and techniques used in AI. Through