Course Description

"Join Board Infinity's ASP.NET Core Foundation course and learn the fundamentals of this powerful web development framework. With a rating of 4.2 stars and 16 glowing reviews, this course is designed to provide you with the necessary skills to become proficient in ASP.NET Core. Whether you're a beginner looking to enter the world of web development or an experienced developer looking to expand your skill set, this course is perfect for you. In just 1 - 4 weeks, you will gain a solid understanding of ASP.NET Core and its various components, including MVC, Razor Pages, and Entity Framework. With our expert instructors and hands-on approach, you will learn how to build dynamic and responsive web applications. So why wait? Enroll now and take your first step towards becoming an ASP.NET Core expert. Partnered with Board Infinity, this course guarantees a top-notch learning experience. No prior knowledge of ASP.NET or web development is required. Join us today and unlock your potential!"