Course Description

The Computational Social Science Specialization offered by the University of California, Davis is designed to equip students with the necessary skills to analyze and understand complex social phenomena using computational methods. This specialization is ideal for individuals interested in utilizing big data and computational thinking to gain insights into human behavior and social interactions. Through this specialization, students will learn how to apply data analysis and machine learning techniques to social science research, with a focus on human learning, network analysis, and social media. They will also gain a deep understanding of machine learning algorithms and how they can be used to analyze social data. In addition, students will develop skills in data management, natural language processing, and algorithms, which are essential for working with large datasets. They will also explore the intersection of computer science and behavioral economics, and learn how to use exploratory data analysis to uncover patterns and trends in social data. The specialization covers a range of topics including network architecture, network models, probability and statistics, theoretical computer science, and applied machine learning