Course Description

"Computational Thinking for Problem Solving" is a comprehensive course offered by the University of Pennsylvania. With a rating of 4.7 stars and over 4,000 reviews, this course is designed to equip students with the essential skills needed for solving complex problems using computational thinking. Through this course, students will learn how to approach problems systematically and use computer programming to develop efficient solutions. The course covers a wide range of topics including algorithms, computational logic, critical thinking, programming principles, and Python programming. Students will also gain a solid understanding of theoretical computer science and how it can be applied to real-world problem solving. This beginner level course is suitable for anyone interested in learning how to think critically and solve problems using computational methods. It is also ideal for individuals looking to enhance their decision-making skills and gain a deeper understanding of computer programming. The course duration is 1-4 weeks, during which students will have access to engaging lectures, practical exercises, and interactive quizzes.