Course Description

The Computational Thinking with Beginning C Programming Specialization, offered by the University of Colorado System, is a comprehensive program designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of computer programming using the C language. With a rating of 4.6 stars and 420 reviews, this specialization is highly regarded by learners. Through this specialization, students will develop a strong foundation in computer programming, with a focus on the C programming language family. They will learn how to write efficient and effective code, and gain a deeper understanding of data analysis and algorithms. Additionally, students will develop critical thinking skills through the lens of computational thinking, which is essential for solving complex problems in the digital age. This beginner-level specialization is ideal for anyone interested in learning how to code, regardless of their background or experience. With a duration of 3-6 months, students can expect to gain a solid understanding of the fundamentals of C programming and computational thinking by the end of the program. Led by experienced instructors from the University of Colorado System,