Course Description

Are you interested in mastering the cutting-edge practices of continuous delivery and DevOps? Look no further than the University of Virginia's comprehensive course on this exciting and rapidly evolving field. With a 4.6-star rating and over 6,000 reviews, this course is highly acclaimed by students and professionals alike. In this course, you will gain a deep understanding of continuous delivery, continuous integration, and DevOps, and how they can transform the way software is developed and delivered. You will learn essential skills such as software testing, collaboration, and the use of DevOps tools, as well as key concepts in software engineering, product development, and strategy and operations. Designed for beginners, this course will guide you through the fundamentals of continuous delivery and DevOps, providing you with the knowledge and tools to excel in this fast-paced and dynamic field. With a duration of 1-4 weeks, you can quickly gain valuable skills that will set you apart in the job market. Taught by experienced