Course Description

Flask A Python Microframework Tutorial: Flask is a micro web framework written in Python that is designed to make web development quick and easy. It's a lightweight framework that provides the basic tools needed to build web applications and APIs. This Flask tutorial is designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to the framework and how to use it to build web applications.

We will start by learning the basics of Flask A Python Microframework, including how to set up a development environment and create a new Flask project. You will learn about the core concepts of Flask such as routing, request and response, and templates, and how they are used to create the structure and layout of a web application. We will also learn about the Flask CLI, which is a command-line interface tool that can be used to create, test, and deploy Flask applications.

As we move forward, we will delve into more advanced topics such as handling forms and database management. You will learn how to handle forms using request and response, how to use session and cookies, and how to use database to manage data. We will also learn how to use different libraries and modules such as Flask-SQLAlchemy and Flask-WTForms to enhance the functionality of your application

We will also build a web application together, where you will learn how to build a web application that performs a specific task, such as a to-do list application or a weather application. You will also learn how to use Bootstrap to add a professional touch to your application.

Throughout the course, you will also learn about the best practices for developing web applications using Flask and the new features and updates in Flask. With the help of this course, you will have a solid understanding of Flask and the skills to build web applications using this powerful micro framework.

Author: miguelgrinberg