Course Description

"Git Tutorial for Beginners: Learn Git in 1 Hour" is a powerful version control system used by developers and software engineers around the world to track changes in their code, collaborate with other developers, and manage code releases. For beginners, learning Git can seem like a daunting task, but with this Git Tutorial for Beginners, you can learn Git in just one hour! This course is designed for those who are new to Git and version control systems. The course is broken down into easy-to-follow modules that cover all the essentials of Git, including creating a repository, committing changes, branching, merging, and more. The course also includes practical examples and exercises to help you apply what you've learned. The first module covers the basics of version control and why it is important. You'll learn how Git can help you keep track of changes to your code, revert to previous versions, and collaborate with other developers. You'll also learn how to set up a Git repository, and how to use the Git command line interface to commit changes to your code. The second module covers branching and merging, which are essential concepts in Git. You'll learn how to create branches, switch between them, and merge them back into the main branch. You'll also learn how to resolve merge conflicts, which can occur when two or more developers make changes to the same file. The third module covers some advanced Git concepts, including rebasing, cherry-picking, and stashing. You'll learn how to use these commands to manage complex code changes and work more efficiently with Git. Throughout the course, you'll have access to practical examples and exercises to help you apply what you've learned. You'll also have the opportunity to ask questions and get feedback from experienced instructors. By the end of this "Git Tutorial for Beginners: Learn Git in 1 Hour" for Beginners, you'll have a solid understanding of Git and version control, and you'll be able to use Git to manage your own code projects with confidence. Author: Moshfegh Hamedani (Programming with Mosh)