Course Description

The IBM Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst Professional Certificate, offered in partnership with IBM and SkillUp EdTech, is a comprehensive program designed to equip learners with the necessary skills to excel in the field of business intelligence. This program is perfect for those looking to enter the fast-growing and lucrative field of BI, or for professionals looking to upskill and advance their careers. Throughout this program, learners will gain a deep understanding of data visualization, data analysis, and data management techniques. They will also learn how to work with databases, including Microsoft Excel and SQL, and gain a strong foundation in data structures and Python programming. Basic descriptive statistics and computer programming skills will also be covered, providing learners with the necessary tools to handle complex data sets. In addition, this program will cover database administration, application, and design, as well as database theory. Learners will also gain hands-on experience with spreadsheet software and statistical analysis, including general statistics, plot graphics, and statistical tests. They will also learn how