Course Description

The IBM Full Stack Software Developer Professional Certificate is a comprehensive program offered by IBM, a leading technology company. This professional certificate is designed to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to become a successful full stack software developer. Through this program, participants will gain a deep understanding of cloud computing and its applications. They will learn how to use the IBM Cloud platform to develop and manage cloud-based applications. The course will cover topics such as cloud infrastructure, cloud management, and cloud storage, giving participants a well-rounded understanding of cloud technology. The program also focuses on essential programming skills, including JavaScript and Python. Participants will learn how to use these languages to develop web applications and work with cloud APIs. They will also gain experience with popular tools such as Docker and Kubernetes, which are essential for building and deploying cloud applications. In addition to technical skills, the program also covers important soft skills such as leadership and collaboration. Participants will learn how to work effectively in a team and manage projects using DevOps principles.