Course Description

The Influencing: Storytelling, Change Management and Governance Specialization, offered by Macquarie University, is designed to equip learners with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively influence and drive change within organizations. This highly-rated course, with a 4.8 star rating and over 8,000 reviews, covers a wide range of topics including leadership and management, communication, business psychology, strategy and operations, change management, conflict management, influencing, organizational development, risk management, marketing, negotiation, sales, critical thinking, decision making, entrepreneurship, human resources, probability and statistics, business communication, employee relations, data analysis, innovation, and search engine optimization. Through this specialization, learners will gain a comprehensive understanding of how storytelling can be used as a powerful tool for influencing and driving change. They will also learn about change management strategies and techniques, as well as the principles of effective governance. This course is suitable for beginners and can be completed in 3-6 months. It is