Course Description

"Welcome to Introduction to Relational Databases (RDBMS), a comprehensive course brought to you by IBM. This course is designed for beginners who are interested in learning about the fundamentals of relational databases and how they are used in modern technology. With a 4.6 star rating and 536 reviews, you can trust that this course will provide you with the skills you need to succeed. Throughout this course, you will be introduced to the basics of databases and how they are organized and managed. You will also learn about the popular relational database management system, PostgreSQL, and how it is used in real-world applications. By the end of this course, you will have a solid understanding of database concepts and be able to confidently work with PostgreSQL. This course is perfect for anyone looking to enter the world of databases, whether you are a student, IT professional, or simply curious about this field. With a beginner level and a duration of 1-4 weeks, this course is designed to be