Course Description

This course, offered in partnership with IBM, is designed to provide students with a comprehensive introduction to the world of software, programming, and databases. With a 4.8 star rating and over 277 reviews, this course is highly regarded by both students and industry professionals. Through a combination of lectures, hands-on exercises, and real-world examples, students will gain a strong understanding of the fundamentals of databases, cloud applications, computer programming, and software engineering. This course is perfect for beginners who are looking to build a solid foundation in these essential skills. Over the course of 1-3 months, students will learn how to design, create, and manage databases, as well as how to develop and deploy cloud applications. They will also gain practical experience in computer programming, learning how to write code, debug programs, and create software applications. By the end of this course, students will have the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue a career in the dynamic and ever-growing field of software development.