Course Description

MIT 6.824 Distributed Systems (Spring 2020) The MIT 6.824 Distributed Systems course is an advanced level course offered by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It is designed for students who wish to explore the complexities of designing and building distributed systems. The course was last offered in the spring of 2020 and is one of the most popular courses at MIT. The course covers a wide range of topics related to distributed systems, including distributed algorithms, consistency models, fault tolerance, and parallel programming. The course is divided into several modules, each of which focuses on a specific aspect of distributed systems. The modules are designed to build on each other, so students can gain a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities of distributed systems. The course starts by introducing the concept of distributed systems and the challenges involved in designing and building them. The students will then learn about the different types of distributed systems and their applications. The next module focuses on distributed algorithms, including algorithms for leader election, distributed consensus, and distributed locking. Students will gain an understanding of the challenges involved in designing efficient and fault-tolerant distributed algorithms. In the next module, the course explores consistency models, which are essential for ensuring that distributed systems work correctly. Students will learn about different types of consistency models, such as strong consistency, eventual consistency, and causal consistency, and the trade-offs involved in choosing one over the other. The following module focuses on fault tolerance and the different techniques used to build fault-tolerant distributed systems. Students will learn about replication, checkpointing, and other techniques for ensuring that distributed systems can recover from failures. Finally, the course concludes with a module on parallel programming, which covers the techniques used to design and implement parallel algorithms in distributed systems. The students will learn about parallel programming models, such as MapReduce and Spark, and the challenges involved in implementing them in distributed systems. Throughout the course, students will work on several assignments and a final project, where they will apply the concepts they have learned to design and build a distributed system. The course also includes several guest lectures from industry experts, providing students with insights into the latest developments in the field of distributed systems. In summary, the MIT 6.824 Distributed Systems (Spring 2020) course is a comprehensive and challenging course that covers the essential concepts and techniques involved in designing and building distributed systems. It is an excellent course for students who wish to pursue a career in distributed systems, cloud computing, or any other field that requires expertise in distributed computing.