Course Description

### Mongoose: MongoDB Object-Document Mapper for NodeJS Apps MongoDB is a popular NoSQL database that allows for flexible and scalable data storage. When working with MongoDB in Node.js applications, using an Object-Document Mapper (ODM) like Mongoose can simplify interactions with the database. This tutorial will introduce you to Mongoose and guide you through integrating it into your Node.js projects. **What is Mongoose?** Mongoose is an ODM library for MongoDB and Node.js. It provides a schema-based solution to model your application data and includes features like validation, query building, and middleware support. By using Mongoose, you can define schemas, interact with the MongoDB database, and perform CRUD operations within your Node.js applications. **Key Concepts Covered:** - Setting up Mongoose in a Node.js project - Defining schemas and models - Performing CRUD operations (Create, Read, Update, Delete) - Validating and querying data - Implementing middleware for pre and post processing **Why Use Mongoose?** Mongoose simplifies database interactions by providing a structured way to work with MongoDB. It enforces data consistency through schemas, allowing you to define models and relationships between different data types. Additionally, Mongoose supports features like data validation, hooks, and virtuals, making it a powerful tool for Node.js developers working with MongoDB. **Course Overview:** In this course, you will learn how to integrate Mongoose into your Node.js applications effectively.