Course Description

"Learn how to implement IPV4 Routing Table and Access Control Lists with this comprehensive course. These essential features are widely used in Networking, Embedded Systems, Distributed Systems, and Cloud Computing. Gain a deep understanding of their internal design and implementation through this course. We will guide you in building the mtrie library, a foundational data structure for implementing IPV4 Routing Table and Access Control List framework. The trie data structure and its variants are commonly used to solve various industry problems, making this course a valuable addition to your skillset. In addition, we will also cover the creation of a Cisco-like Access Control List, which is crucial for security and controlling network traffic flow. By the end of this course, you will have a fully functional Routing Table and Access Control List library that you can easily integrate into your projects or add to your resume. This course is data structure and algorithm-intensive, and all demonstrations will be shown in C/C++. However, you are free to implement the concepts in the language