Course Description

Object-Oriented Java: Inheritance and Encapsulation is a comprehensive course offered by Codio that focuses on two important concepts in Java programming: inheritance and encapsulation. In this course, students will learn how to design and implement classes using inheritance, allowing them to create more efficient and organized code. They will also explore the benefits of encapsulation, which helps to protect data and prevent it from being accessed or modified by unauthorized code. With a 3.6-star rating and positive reviews from 10 students, this course is highly recommended for anyone looking to improve their skills in computer science and Java programming. The course is designed for intermediate-level learners and can be completed in 1-4 weeks, making it a perfect option for those looking to enhance their knowledge and skills in a short period of time. Throughout the course, students will have access to Codio's user-friendly platform, which provides a hands-on learning experience. They will have the opportunity to practice their skills through coding exercises and