Course Description

Learn C++ programming and ace your coding interviews with this comprehensive course. Our classroom-style learning approach includes detailed explanations of questions and top frequently asked questions. We make the concepts of C++ programming simple and easy to understand. The curriculum covers topics such as Introduction, Object Oriented Programming, Member Functions and Variables, Access Specifiers, and Characteristics of OOP. We also cover the top frequently asked interview questions in three parts, and provide detailed explanations for each question. Our course also covers topics such as C++ Object Oriented Programming, STL, Fundamentals of Programming, Polymorphism, Inheritance, Encapsulation, File Handling, and more. With a total of 34 questions and detailed explanations, you will be well-prepared for any coding interview. We also have a "Join Hand Initiative" where experienced engineers and programmers share their insights and tips for acing interviews. Our instructors are not marketers or salespeople, but senior engineers and programmers who have been in these interviews as both interview