Course Description

This course, titled "Python and Rust with Linux Command Line Tools," offered in partnership with Duke University, is designed to equip students with the necessary skills to excel in the fields of Python programming, software testing, and system programming. Through a comprehensive curriculum, students will learn how to effectively utilize Linux command line tools to enhance their coding abilities and streamline their development process. With a rating of 5.0 stars and rave reviews from 5 satisfied students, this course is highly recommended for intermediate level learners looking to expand their knowledge and expertise in these areas. Over the course of 1 - 4 weeks, students will dive into the fundamentals of Python and Rust programming languages, gaining a solid understanding of their syntax, data structures, and best practices. In addition, this course will cover software testing techniques, allowing students to ensure the quality and functionality of their code. By incorporating Linux command line tools, students will also learn how to efficiently navigate and manage their development environment, increasing their productivity and efficiency