Course Description

Are you looking to build a strong team for your organization? Look no further than the Recruiting, Hiring, and Onboarding Employees course offered by the prestigious University of Minnesota. This comprehensive course will equip you with the necessary skills to effectively manage the human resources aspect of your organization. You will learn the best practices for recruitment, hiring, and onboarding of employees, ensuring that you attract and retain top talent. The course is designed for individuals in leadership and management roles, as well as anyone interested in learning about human resources operations. Through a combination of lectures, case studies, and interactive exercises, you will gain a deep understanding of the key principles and strategies for successful recruitment and onboarding. By the end of this course, you will have the skills to plan and execute a comprehensive recruitment and onboarding strategy that aligns with your organization's goals and values. You will also have a solid understanding of the legal and ethical considerations involved in the hiring process. With a 4.7-star rating