Course Description

The Pharo MOOC is an exciting online course that introduces participants to the powerful and flexible Pharo programming language. Pharo is an open-source, object-oriented programming language that is based on the Smalltalk language. The language is designed to be simple, elegant, and expressive, making it an ideal choice for building a wide range of software applications, from web applications to desktop applications to mobile apps. The Pharo MOOC is designed for both beginners and experienced programmers who want to learn or improve their skills in the Pharo language. The course is divided into modules that cover the basics of the language, including syntax, data types, control structures, and object-oriented programming concepts. As participants progress through the course, they will learn how to write clean, concise, and effective code using the Pharo language. One of the most exciting features of the Pharo MOOC is its interactive and hands-on approach to learning. Participants will have access to a powerful and user-friendly development environment, which they can use to write, test, and debug their code. The environment includes a code editor, a debugger, a class browser, and other tools that make it easy to develop high-quality software applications. In addition to the core modules, the Pharo MOOC also includes advanced topics that cover more complex concepts and techniques in the Pharo language. These topics include concurrency, networking, GUI programming, and more. Participants who complete the course will have a deep understanding of the Pharo language and will be able to apply their skills to real-world software development projects. The Pharo MOOC is taught by a team of experienced and knowledgeable instructors who are passionate about the Pharo language and the benefits it offers to software developers. Participants will have the opportunity to interact with the instructors and other students through online forums, chat rooms, and other communication channels. In conclusion, the Pharo MOOC is an excellent opportunity for anyone who wants to learn or improve their skills in the Pharo programming language. With its interactive and hands-on approach to learning, participants will gain a deep understanding of the language and its capabilities, and be able to apply their skills to a wide range of software development projects. Author: Damien Cassou, Stéphane Ducasse, Luc Fabresse