SQL Server 2017 Administrator’s Guide by Marek Chmel and Vladimír Mužný is an essential resource for IT professionals seeking comprehensive knowledge and practical insights into managing and optimizing Microsoft SQL Server 2017. With its in-depth coverage and expert guidance, this book equips administrators with the skills they need to efficiently handle the complexities of SQL Server administration.

From installation and configuration to performance tuning and troubleshooting, this authoritative guide takes readers on a journey through the various aspects of SQL Server 2017 administration. The authors, Marek Chmel and Vladimír Mužný, bring their extensive experience to the table, offering valuable advice and best practices garnered from years of working with SQL Server.

Beginning with an overview of SQL Server 2017 and its key features, the book dives into the details of setting up a stable and secure environment. It explores topics such as managing instances and databases, implementing security measures, and performing backups and recoveries to ensure data integrity and availability. With clear explanations and step-by-step instructions, the authors guide readers through each process, making even complex tasks manageable.

One of the highlights of this guide is its emphasis on performance optimization. Chmel and Mužný provide valuable insights into monitoring and tuning SQL Server 2017 to maximize its efficiency. They delve into query optimization techniques, indexing strategies, and server-level optimizations that can significantly enhance the system’s performance. With their guidance, administrators can proactively identify and resolve bottlenecks, resulting in a highly responsive and streamlined SQL Server environment.

Furthermore, this book addresses advanced topics, including high availability and disaster recovery solutions. It covers features such as Always On Availability Groups, failover clustering, and log shipping, enabling administrators to design and implement robust architectures that ensure continuous availability of critical applications and data.

To supplement the wealth of information presented, the authors provide practical examples, tips, and troubleshooting scenarios throughout the book. This hands-on approach empowers administrators to apply their newfound knowledge in real-world situations, enhancing their problem-solving skills and making them more effective SQL Server 2017 administrators.

Whether you are a seasoned SQL Server professional or just starting your journey in database administration, the SQL Server 2017 Administrator’s Guide is an indispensable companion. Packed with expert advice and comprehensive coverage, this book will equip you with the knowledge and skills to confidently manage and optimize SQL Server 2017.

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