Course Description

"Enroll in our LEED BDC v4 course and become a leader in sustainable building design and construction. This course focuses on the second credit category, LT_ Location & Transportation, and offers 8 credits towards your LEED certification. No prerequisites are required to take this course. In this course, you will learn about important topics such as LEED for Neighborhood Development Location, Sensitive Land Protection, High-Priority Sites, and more. Our expert instructor, Ming-Feng Nian, a Chicago Booth MBA and LEED AP with 5 specialties, will guide you through each credit category and provide valuable insights and strategies for achieving LEED certification. The course covers LT_C1-LEED_for_Neighborhood_Development_Location, where you will learn about the benefits of building in a certified LEED-Neighborhood Development area. You will also explore LT_C2-Sensitive_Land_Protection and discover how to protect prime farmland, floodplains, habitats,