Course Description

"Are you ready to join the rapidly growing world of virtual reality (VR)? Look no further - this course has everything you need to get started. Gain a strong understanding of how VR and visual effects (VFX) intersect in the entertainment industry with this comprehensive theory course. Stay up-to-date on the latest terms, trends, and uses of VR in Hollywood films. Expand your VFX knowledge and dive into the booming VR industry. Discover how VR and VFX work together and the impact this has on the future of film, VFX, and technology. This course is taught by a real professional with experience in both Hollywood blockbusters and VR startups in Silicon Valley. Why choose this course? You will learn from a seasoned industry veteran and gain insight into the terms, vocabulary, tools, and types of projects used in the VFX world. Explore real-life examples of successful VR and VFX collaborations and network with your instructor and fellow students. Stay ahead of the game by learning the language