Course Description

Getting Started With Miro

Are you looking to explore the world of online collaboration and visual planning? Miro is a powerful tool that can help you do just that. With Miro, you can create, collaborate, and centralize communication across your team or organization.

Whether you are working remotely, managing a project, or brainstorming new ideas, Miro provides a versatile platform for bringing your ideas to life. This course is designed to help you navigate the basics of Miro and unleash its full potential for your projects.

Through this course, you will learn how to create boards, add sticky notes, draw shapes, and connect ideas using Miro's intuitive interface. You will discover the various templates available for different purposes, from agile workflows to design thinking sessions.

Join us on this journey to master Miro and revolutionize the way you collaborate and visualize your ideas. By the end of this course, you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to leverage Miro effectively and enhance your productivity in various collaborative settings.