Course Description

Active Directory : Active Directory GUI, Active Directory PS

Active Directory is a crucial component of many enterprise IT environments, providing centralized management of users, groups, computers, and more. Understanding how to work with Active Directory using graphical interfaces and PowerShell commands is essential for IT professionals. This course is designed to cover both the Active Directory Graphical User Interface (GUI) and PowerShell (PS) for effective management and administration.

In this course, you will learn how to navigate the Active Directory GUI, create and manage user accounts, groups, and organizational units. You will also delve into the PowerShell commands for automating common Active Directory tasks, such as user provisioning, group management, and more. By mastering both the GUI and PowerShell aspects of Active Directory, you will be better equipped to handle various administrative tasks efficiently.

Whether you are an IT administrator looking to enhance your Active Directory skills or a beginner aiming to enter the field of IT support, this course provides a comprehensive overview of using Active Directory through both GUI and PowerShell. The practical examples and hands-on exercises offered in this course will help you gain confidence in managing Active Directory effectively.

Join us on this learning journey to explore the world of Active Directory, unlock its full potential, and streamline administrative tasks using both GUI and PowerShell interfaces. Elevate your IT skills, boost your productivity, and take your Active Directory management to the next level.