Course Description

"Learn the ins and outs of Apache http web server administration with this comprehensive and free course. Designed for system administrators, web administrators, and devops professionals, this course covers all the essential topics for managing and configuring Apache http on CentOS and other Unix/Linux based operating systems. No coding experience is necessary, but a basic understanding of Linux administration is required. You will gain hands-on experience with the latest version of Apache http (2.4) and learn how to install it on both Ubuntu and CentOS. Additionally, you will learn how to set up Apache http containers, navigate the folder structure, and configure important files such as DocumentRoot, Directory, and DirectoryIndex. The course also covers key directives and how to use them for tasks like performing rewrites and managing log files. You will even learn how to customize error messages and configure Apache http as a reverse proxy or for SSL. By the end of this course, you will have the skills to confidently manage and configure Apache http for any web