Course Description

App Center: Continuous Integration and Delivery for iOS

Are you looking to streamline the development and deployment process for your iOS applications? Dive into the world of continuous integration and delivery with App Center, a powerful tool that simplifies the entire process. Whether you are a seasoned iOS developer or just starting out, understanding how to leverage App Center can significantly enhance your workflow and productivity.

In this course, you will learn the ins and outs of setting up continuous integration pipelines, automating the build process, running tests, and deploying your iOS apps with ease. You will explore best practices for configuring automated builds, integrating with version control systems, and managing distribution to beta testers and the App Store.

By mastering App Center's features and capabilities, you can accelerate your development cycles, catch bugs early, and deliver high-quality iOS applications efficiently. Stay ahead in the competitive world of iOS development by harnessing the power of continuous integration and delivery with App Center.